How to use Resteem Club

Order within Chaos

an organized place where you can find a resteem service list


choosing wisely

1.Active followers

see how much active followers the resteem service have from the list,

Active Followers are Followers that engage with resteem posts by Upvote, comment, resteem, or mention in the last 50 posts

and - Followers who haven't been active in over a month on steemit. this statistic minimizes

fake following accounts and bots as much as possible, to give more perspective on what exposure you really get for what you pay.

select resteem

2.more info

check the information button, to get more info and feel free to help me full this list and add more information

more info

3.steem activity

some of the services resteem you post right away after you sent the memo, and other

do it manually and your post will resteemed later, it will be more wisely to resteem when the followers

are most active. click on the icon followers activity  to get best day and hours to resteem


some of the resteem services not only resteeming your post but upvoting as well, adding an "extra spice" when choosing.


5.Price- now much easier to choose what worth paying.


let's make Resteem a better place together.

whats make steemit great is the community steemitguide are no exception, with your help we can create resteem a better place.

better place

click on the icon near the resteem service name and Share your experience
using selected resteem service with steemit community. add extra information about selected resteem,
let us know if the resteem service is resteeming post immediately or within several hours,
if the service give free upvotes as well, and any additional information.


together with your help, we will create a good whitelist and a blacklist with fake re-steem services & scammers


suggest new re-steem service, or add your self.


this is the first beta testing, it's not perfect but with your help, this project will be greater with every update. so please leave Your feedback and suggestions.


Helping newbies and promoting original content

Re-steem bombing & Re-steem attack free services to promote new steemit users

with good and original content, you can suggest posts for review

please send only posts from new steemit members,

the goal is to promote newbies with good content and to keep motivate them


Re-steem bombing

selected posts will be promoted with re-steem services from the list every couple hours for 24 hours to get maximum exposure for free

Re-steem attack

selected posts will be promoted with re-steem services

for several hours for free I promoting original and good content from the earning

 from my posts upvotes I not asking for upvote my posts

because of my content is original and amusing and if people like it they will do it anyway,

a specially when they know that it's all for good cause.

but what I do ask is if you a re-steem service and would like to be a part of "resteem bombing,

and resteem attack" and support great content creators and newbies,

then contact me, you also promoting your service so it's a win/win situation.



 let's make Resteem a better place together.

this website is at his first stage, I plan to implement more features

so please leave a comment on an original post on steemit

or use ""feedback & suggestions and leave me a message,

together we will make resteem a better place.