Resteem Blacklist

about the blacklist

at first, while working on this project, I thought implement rating system and scam report button. 
many of resteem services have fake accounts or bots that upvoting their self so pointless to create rating system 
when they can just send an army of bots to rate +5 on their service 

together with your help, we will create a good whitelist and a blacklist with fake re-steem services scammers and while we can't fight this 
annoying "PROMOTE YOUR POST: SEND 1 SBD and URL in a memo to @eatourspam  to 100,000 followers and blah blah blah...."   
that we received in our wallet at least we can create some sort of order in all this chaos. 

so please share your exprince with fake or bad resteem services 
and together we will create resteem a better place.

*Re-steem service @:

*Your feedback/suggestions: